Differentiation Using Technology

Here are some great web tools that I would like to share.

Differentiation Foundations :: Differentiation has three keys…

What you are going to differentiate – In general this entails either the content, process and/or product; affect is also found within this area. When crafting learning experiences consider what you are teaching, the thought processes you ask your students to engage in, the ways in which they will show their learning and how it impacts the way they understand themselves and their environment.

How you are going to differentiate – While readiness tends to guide instructional decisions in terms of differentiation, teachers need to attend to a student’s learning preference (what they like to learn about) and learning style (how they learn best) as well. All three of these facets play an important role when engaging students in meaningful learning.

Necessary practices – The area of respectful tasks which instructional considerations such as flexible grouping and ongoing assessment. Key in this area is ongoing assessment; without formatively assessing students it is nearly impossible to know what instruction they may need.

Content tools:  Prezi,  drop.ioVoiceThread Scrapblog, VcasmoauthorSTREAMMuseumBox 
Collaboration tools:  WallWisherCollabeditLino ItScribblarMighty MeetingGoogle DocsPirate PadTwiddla

Visualization tools:  WordleBubbl.usShelfariGlogsterNewsmapAnimotoVimeoPhotobucketFlockdrawVisuwords