Teaching Technology to Teachers

Liz B. Davis is the Director of Academic Technology at Belmont Hill School, an independent, all boys, grades 7-12 school outside of Boston, MA.  I enjoy reading her blog,  The Power of Educational Technology.    In a recent post, she gives 10 points on how to teach technology to teachers.  She makes it sound so simple, and yet, I know it works.  Thanks, Liz, for putting this into words.  Here her main points, verbatim. 

1. It isn’t really about the tool it is about how you use it: it’s how to create a meaningful and effective presentation.

2. Differentiate: Provide lots of different avenues for teachers to learn.

3. Don’t be the only teacher: Encourage teachers to work together and coach each other.

4. Ask lots of questions: try to get to the pedagogical goal for the tool.

5. Enlist your PLN: Reach out to your PLN for support and ideas, read blogs, follow folks on Twitter, ask questions, share your frustrations.  [I REALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS ONE!]

6. Remember there is great teaching without technology: respect the expertise of your colleagues.

7. Acknowledge your teachers’ anxiety and expertise: they just haven’t learned how to do it yet.

8. Start with the early adopters: start with the easy folks, the ones who want your help.

9. Observe your colleagues: it will give you some ideas of ways you can support them.

10. Don’t touch the mouse:  when people mouse they learn to do things themselves.


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