Best Web 2.0 Applications for Elementary School

Thanks to an amazing list of “The Best Web 2.o Application for Education-2007” from Larry Ferlazzo’s Website,  and Sylvia Tolisano from Langwitches Blog,  I am posting their list of the applications that have been the most useful or promising in the Elementary School scene.  Of course, I’m adding ones that I currently use, as well.  New tools are developing daily – keep researching to stay up to date!

  1. Animoto
    Create your own music video, simply by uploading your own images and selecting music. + Students LOVED seeing themselves on the video. – Limit of 30 seconds
    Create your own slideshow, then embed in your classroom blog.
  3. Slideshare
    Upload your students’ or your own powerpoint files in order to embed them on your classroom blog
  4. Lunapic
    Web based image editor. Great effecs and animations.
  5. Voicethread
    Upload your images, record your voice over each image, invite others to collaborate, embed in your blog, collaborative storytelling
  6. Ning
    Create your own social network place for your students. Ning will even remove the ads, if you write to them that they are for elementary school students. Great potential to teach our younger students about social networkign in a safe environment.
  7. Google Earth & Maps
    Take a virtual tour around the world, create placemarks, add your own images or videos. Have students add their own descriptions. Save and share placemarks and virutal tours on your blog. Embed Google Maps on your classroom blog.
  8. Flickr
    THE best photosharing site. Especially love the many other sites, that mash-up and integrate with Flickr. Once your photos are uploaded to Flickr, there is no need to upload again and you can use the URL provided for different sizes for other applications as well
  9. Picasa
    A Google application relative, I use this constantly to create slideshows to embed in our school website.
  10. Mixbook
    Great potential for collaborative classroom creation, editing and publishing of books. Great variety of layouts, including text AND images.
  11. Tikatok
    Kids channel their imagination into stories – and publish those stories into books for you to share and treasure with friends and family
  12. WordPress
    Blogging platform (Free). Can be hosted by WordPress or your own server. I especially like the widget features, plug-ins and theme varieties available.
  13. Flashcard Friends  
    A  free social network for creating, sharing, learning and self-testing using online flashcards created by the students of teachers. It is a great way to build knowledge and boost test scores. The spelling flashcards are really popular.
  14. ePals
    ePals is the social network optimized for K-12 learning.  Students learn by sharing email regarding their studies.  This application is also now available in Spanish – Eduteca   Bienvenido a la versión beta del Portal en Español de ePals, que lo vincula con la comunidad mundial de ePals

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