New School Year

Another school year has begun and I reflect on the role of being a teacher and how it has changed for me over the years.  I’ve seen it from several points of view – that of a beginning teacher, veteran teacher, musicologist, technologist, and administrator.  One thing remains the same, regardless of the category;  motivated students want to learn and motivated teachers want to teach. 

Teachers’ pedagogy styles are so varied – just as the students’  learning styles are also varied.  It is miraculous that over a short period of time, those various styles and needs become congruent.  It’s the curriculum that binds the two worlds together, and the administrative acumen that propels the dynamics of education. 

I am really enjoying the luxury of Twitter as an educational tool.  People I don’t even know, but who thrive on education and it’s complexities, will contribute their expertise to ‘tweet’ about innovations, reforms, and new tools.  Regardless of the hour, I can simply type in a username and password, and visit fellow educators all over the world to collect new strategies that are freely shared.  My, how things have changed over the years.


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